Wednesday 2/21 – Our first day

Today was our first day home alone with just me and the 4 kiddos. Yesterday Bo was at work but the big 2 boys had a play date at Nana & Poppis house so I had an easy first day. We had visits from my sister and a friend scheduled today which both had to be cancelled due to sickness (not on our part), dinner & household help were both cancelled due to sickness as well which worked out great, I made one of the freezer meals we were blessed with and had the kids help get more laundry put away today so at least you can see our large couch now LOL. I actually feel like we pretty much rocked it today. The kids were fed, Gideon was cared for, that’s about it. For now, that’s about all that matters so I consider that a win! We didn’t get any school work done but I don’t care at all. We certainly need to work on more grace throughout the day but I think our exercise game on the xbox will help quite a bit once I figure out how to navigate through the menus to get the kids the challenges they want to participate in and run their little hearts out in front of the tv. To me, it looks about equivalent of a P90x workout but it’s probably not that difficult since it’s rated E for everyone,  I’m just not a workout person so I get winded just watching from the couch pushing buttons on the controller so the kids can exercise more. Hahaha.

We had a home health nurse visit today, I had no idea what to expect and had hoped she would bring a scale and she did. In 6 days, Gideon has gained 11 oz!  That’s just over 300 grams! That’s HUGE! When I changed him after we weighed him, I tried to put on the preemie jammies my mother in law just bought for him and couldn’t even come close to pulling them up all the way. They fit him just 3 days ago when he wore them last! Such a good boy! Eating well, sleeping well and getting fat! Speaking of which, I need to go plug him in to have his late night dinner before his midnight snack and his early morning breakfast before real breakfast in the morning so I have to get!

We haven’t had a poop yet today, need one of those. (Gideon… ha ha). Prayers for more peace and grace at home throughout the day as we continue to figure this out! THANK YOU so much for the prayers, encouragement and support! I would also love some more prayer for his feeding progress. I feel like we aren’t  making a ton of progress yet he did take 40 ml by bottle today which is the most he’s ever taken before so that’s encouraging. I thought we would have progressed more than that by now but he still gets so tired eating from the bottle or breastfeeding. I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to take for him to get so proficient at those that it’s not hard, exhausting work for him to do. So we could use some prayers for feeding. We have therapy scheduled on Monday so maybe we’ll get a better idea then of what to expect moving forward. Again, thank you so much! Blessings!

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