Treasured Posessions

I have been given MANY gifts throughout my life. Like this plaque below my parents gave me a number of years ago.

It reads “A special Daughter – So many of the good times we remember from the past happened because of you. You’ve brought laughter and joy to our lives and so much love to our hearts. The most precious things we can wish for you are the things you’ve given us… Happiness and Love”

Beautiful plaque, meaningful saying, my closet treasures it’s presence. It’s never been displayed in any of the homes I’ve lived in (I’ve had it for a long time.) Yet I know it’s there, wrapped in it’s bubble wrap in the white box it came in, in my closet. I think my sister has actually displayed the one she received in her home (who’s the better kid?) I love the sentiment behind this, I love the feeling from the words, and to see the heart that came behind the plaque. Yet I’ve never displayed it. (sorry mom and dad). I’ve also never got rid of it. I know it’s still there.

But some of my most treasured gifts, weren’t “gifts” at all. Like this mug, this used to be my dads mug. This is my favorite mug and while I’m not a collector, I’ve received quite a few mugs in my time as well. This one still is and probably always will be my favorite. It’s DADS mug and because of that alone, I love it.

This is a bowl. That’s all, just a bowl. Another non “gift” but a hand me down from my mom that I love. This is MOMS bowl. If I had recollection at all, I’d probably remember making cookies with my mom using this bowl when I was little, maybe not, I don’t remember. But I love this bowl, the icky green colored paint has worn off to a dull pale color and still, it’s my favorite bowl.

And my bear… pretty pathetic looking huh? Bo gave this to me before I went on The World Race to keep with me and I kept it all year and slept with it every night. He even sent me off with a TINY little bottle of his cologne that I sprayed on it from time to time. It’s raggedy, been stepped on, slept on, drooled on, sat on, smashed and squished in my backpack and dropped all over the place but I still held onto it every night. I even made it a scarf when I learned how to knit on a train in China so it wouldn’t get cold. It’s a pretty hideous looking thing now but it still gets tucked under my pillow between the mattress and headboard in the bed I sleep in now. Not an extravagant gift but one that means a lot to me.

I have lots of other things that mean a lot to me, these were just a few of my favorites off the top of my head that I thought I’d share. Of course the people behind these items and the relationships I treasure far more, but these things are little pieces of the people that gave them to me in my heart. What items do you have that you treasure?

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  1. I love your treasured possessions and love you for keeping them all these years! Your cooking story is quite funny. I always get a laugh from reading what you’ve been doing or what’s going on with you. I just love you for you! Thanks!!
    Love Mom

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