Still Honeymooning…

Hello! We’re still on our honeymoon and having a BLAST! We left from the wedding reception last saturday the 19th to the airport and caught a red eye flight to New York. We arrived in New York at 6am Sunday morning and went to the cruise terminal to see how early we could get on the ship. We finally got on at about noon. We were TIRED. Our suite was fantastic, huge and comfortable, lots of room, a nice bathroom, lots of storage space so we unpacked everything, showered and took a nap! We cruised from New York to San Juan Puerto Rico, St Thomas and Grand Turk. We got off the ship at every port to have some land time and play. We walked all around San Juan and went to Senor Frogs and a casino then got back on the ship, at St Thomas we went Snuba diving which is similar to Scuba diving but you’re attached to an air tank that floats on the surface and you can go 30-40′ below water. We had a blast walking around on the ocean floor in a coral reef looking at all the little critters that live down there. We went deep sea fishing at Grand Turk and everyone on the boat made a catch that day! We’ve had so much fun, it’s sad to think it will be coming to an end soon.

We’re now back in New York until Thursday. The Westin Hotel is beautiful and our room is so comfortable. We’re going to walk around town tonight (we’re IN Times Square) then tomorrow we’re going to a show on Broadway and Wednesday we’re heading out to Staten Island for Dominic’s Pizza and to visit Bo’s friends that live out there. I’ll get to try Porgies for the first time ever also….

We come home Thursday evening and have the weekend to recuperate from all our vacationing. We will need a vacation from our vacation just to catch back up!

We haven’t seen any wedding pictures yet (except the 1 world race one posted on facebook) and we can’t wait to see them but that means i don’t have any to post here yet. Hopefully we’ll get the pictures this weekend after we get home.

Here are just a few of our honeymoon pictures you can see now though.

Much love!
Bo and Kari

5 Replies to “Still Honeymooning…”

  1. I’m so jealous but you two deserve it!! I am so happy for you! You just keep smiling and I’ll see you in a few!
    Love you both, Mom

  2. Yippee!!! You are amazing! I am sooo glad you are having a great time. I can’t wait to see your pics posted either. I say a couple on facebook with Clinton, but I WANT MORE!!!!

    Jen Smith

  3. You both look so darn stinking happy and cute…We are glad you are having a great time. Can’t wait to see you when you get home.
    Pam and Shayne

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