Sticker Monster

Chloe and Nana stopped by my work last week to drop some stuff off for Bo. Chloe KNOWS that when you go to the doctor, you get a sticker so she was very excited for her sticker!

We went to the back office and Chloe asked one of the staff for a sticker. She was so excited to pick out her purple “Dora the explorer” sticker. She was also given a tinkerbell tattoo and a sucker of course.

Sadly, Chloe was playing shy that day. I told her to say thank you for the sticker and the goodies, she silently stared at the floor. I told her again to say thank you to the nice girl who gave her the goodies, she didn’t budge. I started to reach for her sticker and goodies and she started to pull away. I told her I was going to take her goodies away if she couldn’t say thank you to the girl who gave them to her and she still didn’t budge. I tried to give her one more chance telling her if she would just say thank you, she could keep them, if not I was going to take them. She didn’t say a word. I got the goodies from her, took her hand and we left. I felt like a monster, a mean, evil, nasty, heart smashing, excitement crushing, smile stealing monster and it hurt my heart to the point of tears to take her goodies away from her. How can you take something from a face this cute?
I did. I ruined it. I took the smile away. And I didn’t make it come back. She never did say thank you, she didn’t get the goodies back. Ugh. It hurts. I don’t want to do it again. :(

2 Replies to “Sticker Monster”

  1. you’re the best sticker monster ever! you did the right thing! at dinner w/ friends this week matthew threw his roll accross the dinner table and he made a slam dunk right into a glass of water. we were all laughing so hard but i should of spanked his butt! would that make me a bread monster?

  2. Don’t feel badly! You did the right thing. It’s important to teach kids boundaries and manners, and that’s what you’re doing. It may have taken her smile away for a little bit, but she’ll be much happier throughout her life to understand that it’s important to have gratitude for the things people do for us, and to find that in return. Good job auntie!

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