Pumpkin Party !!

Our home group decided it was time for some fun and fellowship so we all got together last night to carve pumpkins together. We had so much fun! Here is everyone so focused on their carving!

We couldn’t even fit everyone at the table, we used the bar too.

Here is Jan with 1 of her 2 or 3 pumpkins she completed… Martha style completely covered in gold glitter, it’s so cute!

Truck with his flying ghost
(thanks for the cookies truck, I had them for breakfast this morning) :)

Robert and Eve with her beautiful Autumn gold pumpkin she decorated
(Eve I also ate that bread for breakfast, I have to buy some of that it was SO GOOD!)

Dave and Carol with their Jack-O-Lanterns

Donna and her ENORMOUS pumpkin face with hair cut on top!

Tom and Jan with their happy and mad Jack-O-Lanters

Bob & Evie and their cute ones with tongues!

Bo and I with his Mario (Bert) and my KiT-Ten!

The whole group minus a few who were sadly unable to make it last night. We prayed for you all who couldn’t be with us and missed having your company there. But we still had a great time, ate too much tasty food and got some cute pics!

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