Prayer Request (Updated 7:45pm)

** Update 6:45 pm ** The “boy down the hall” should be returning to his room sometime tonight! So far, the total artificial heart is in place and is pumping for him! They hope to be able to close him up and have him back in the CICU tonight to wait for his spot on the transplant list! THANK YOU for the prayers. Like Gideon, he used A LOT of blood, please consider donating blood if you get a chance. These kiddos need all the help they can get! Please continue to pray for him  and Gideon as well, Gideon had a good day today, I hope to be able to update soon!

I have lots of updates to post but no time to do it right now.  Gideon is doing well.

This mornings prayer is for “the boy down the hall.” He had a bad night last night and is heading into surgery RIGHT NOW for them to try a surgery that’s never been done at Seattle Childrens before. This boy will be getting a “complete artificial heart” which means they are replacing his ventricles with a pump to do the work of his heart. This boy is in dire need of your prayers for a successful surgery and no ill effects from all of the hiccups he had last night. This boy is on the transplant list and they were hoping this surgery would give him  the time they need to find a donor heart to save his life.  This is literally his very last resort and they were discussing it and starting to prepare, but after his night he had last night, it’s become emergent that they try this to try to save his life.  Please lift him and his family up today.

I will post our updates when I get a chance. Nothing dire for us, for the most part, it’s  all good news on our front.

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