Mothers Day/Birthday

Moms birthday was today, sadly for her, it’s like a kid who’s birthday is on Christmas because Mothers Day and her Birthday always get celebrated together in 1 day since they’re so close together. We had the whole family over last night to celebrate both occasions and what did we do? Rock band of course….

Dad wasn’t really that into rock band… mom picked it right up though!
she sang! it may not have been on key or in the right time but she sure sang!
As did my sister. I feel bad for my dad and my brother in law :) Good thing bo LOVES my singing hahahahaha
Dad & Joe having NOTHING to do with it…
And where was Chloe for all the rockband fun? Guitar? Drums? Singing? NOPE… she said hi to me when she got here, found bowser and that was the last we saw of her ALL night.
I think Bowser gets enough activity in 1 night with Chloe for an entire quarter of the year. She runs around dragging the curly ribbon screaming and giggling as bowser chases her around the house.
Up and down the stairs
over and over and over again. Until we introduced her to the laser light
It wasn’t all fun and games for everyone else, we had birthday cake & ice cream..
and mom got presents too!
Happy Birthday and Mothers Day Mom! We love you!

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