Camping June 09

We went to potholes state park last weekend and had a BLAST with some friends. Here are just a few of the many pictures from the weekend…

Some of the camping crew.. Chuck, his daughters Lera & Dasha, his cousin Mark & his kids Ashton & Dylan & Jerry Jr.
& Cindy in this one
Chuck… it’s how he rolls.
Bo & Anna on the boat
Dylan, Ashton & Jerry Jr before….
& then after they fell off….
Bo & Jerry Jr
Dasha, Lera & Chucks sister in law Laura
so cute are we! (and so white is Bo)
whitey & cutie
holding on for dear life
and off I go!
Bo & Jerry .. they think they’re cool
having a blast!
still hanging on
Chuck and Mark heating each other up (think about that… in the water)
Chuck & Mark
loving cousins (or koo-zanne as chuck said)
this is how chuck rolls
chuck & bo
Bo is actually STIL ATTACHED!! He held on!
whitey & me
Someone taught them how to fart through straws, I was NOT impressed….
Until I tried it myself… oh my gosh it was the FUNNIEST thing I’ve EVER done.. I laughed the hard core, been a chain smoker 7 packs per day for 60 years breathless hysterical laughs that physically hurts me to do but i couldn’t stop
I nearly keeled over and died I laughed so hard and it hurt so bad
me & anna ridin the waves
Mark showing off wake boarding.. then he tried to teach Bo how to do it
After the long process of getting Bo in the water (it was getting cold, the sun was almost down) and using the dawn to get his feet in the board he was ready to give it a try
It was a valliant effort.. a few times.. he was SO CLOSE… but never could make it all the way up
and Chuck rollin again the way only he does.

We had such a blast, we were tired and sore and dirty and loved every minute of it and can’t wait to go again!

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