*** BABY BOWSER !!! ***

I met her a month or 2 ago at a poker party with some friends from church. I don’t remember what her real name is but I’ve decided to name her “Bowser”, even Bo thinks that’s cute. We didn’t really know the people who owned her, we just went to their house a couple times to play poker and I was of course FAR more interested in her than I was of winning money!

Her and I became immediate friends, she would lay over my shoulder while sitting at the poker table playing and fall asleep snuggling me on my shoulder. Her owners made jokes about me taking her home because they had been thinking of getting rid of her.

She is a pure bread persian kitten under a year old and she’s the sweetest thing! She was recently stuck under a house so she has a bit of a boo boo on her back and she came with medicine for me to put on her little bald spot on her back.

We’re going to keep her in the laundry room for a day so she KNOWS where her litter box is before she starts exploring the rest of the house. She came with a climbing toy, food, medicine and an electric litter box. Bo’s rule is that she won’t sleep in our bed but I have a comfy warm little spot for her just on the outside of my side of the bed :) (hehe)

Ok well I have to run, I’ve spent too much time away from her already, i’m going to see if i can create something to make her a bed out of so she stays warm in there and go lay down with her for a while. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

More pictures soon… yes i am one of those moms who takes a katrillion pictures of their kid doing absolutely NOTHING that drives people INSANE but I want the memories with her so I’ll do it anyways! Come back soon for more pictures and stories!

…………. yeah that laundry room thing lasted about a half hour. i just put her back after we explored ALL of the downstairs. she is such a good girl, i don’t think she has a clue what her name is but she didn’t bolt up the stairs like she wanted to! She stopped half way when i called her and let me pick her up. she is very snuggly and loves to be held and pet…. she’s a friendly loveable kitty just like her new momma!!!

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