A tribute to Orv…

Orv has been a volunteer with the Black Diamond Fire Department for 21 years. He started as a janitor just cleaning up the station on a volunteer then became our official chaplain 19 years ago and has served on call 24/7, 365 days per year for 19 years. He invited me to assist him with his chaplain work about 9 years ago which is when I was first introduced into chaplaincy. I assisted Orv as much as I could and we started an official chaplaincy program at the fire department and recruited others to be involved in the program. I got certified as a chaplain in May of 2003 and certified as a minister in January of 2006 both mostly because of Orv and the work that he did for the department and community. Him and his wife are amazing people with hearts to serve the Lord and an inspiration to me. He served anytime day or night, mostly in the middle of the night being awakened by the pager out of a deep sleep and responding to wherever he was needed immediately. His wife was supportive and loved the members of the fire department as well and never spoke negatively about the time Orv put in there but was always full of joy to see us when we’d get together.

Orv recently retired and we had a small celebration to honor his time with the department. He will sincerely be missed.

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